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  • Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamics, Kevät 2017

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Course contents

Lecture 01: Examples of elementary dynamical systems 

Lecture 09: Lagrangean variational principles (14.03)
Lecture 02: Existence and uniqueness theorems for ODE’s  (01.02)Lecture 10: Hamiltonian variational principle
Lecture 03: Hamiltonian vector fields and time reversal  (08.02)Lecture 11: Noether's first and second theorem
Lecture 04: Linear systems, Hartman-Grobman theorem (08.02)Lecture 12: Equivariance and Poisson brackets
Lecture 05: Linear autonomous Hamiltonian systems (11.02)Lecture 13: Canonical transformations
Lecture 06: Linear periodic systems and stability of periodic orbitsLecture 14: Hamilton--Jacobi and dynamic programming
Lecture 07: Poincaré section, periodic orbits and Poincaré recurrence (02.03)Lecture 15: Liouville Arnold integrable systems
Lecture 08: D'Alembert principle and Euler–Lagrange equations (04.03)Lecture 16: Birkhoff integrable systems