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Lecture 8 (January 28, 2015) 

Construction of X-ray measurement matrices using Matlab's built-in function radon.m. Naive reconstruction from data with inverse crime. Also: truncated SVD reconstructions from data with inverse crime. Book sections 2.3.4, 2.3.5, 4.2 and 4.4.3.

Matlab resources: Radon_demo.mXR01_buildA.mXR02_naivetest.mXR03_truncSVD.m


Lecture 9 (January 30, 2015) 

Two demonstrations of current research in X-ray tomography reconstruction methods.

 Lecture 10 (February 3, 2015) 

Construction of tomographic data without inverse crime. The trick is to simulate the sinogram at higher resolution and then interpolate from that the sinogram corresponding to lower resolution.

Matlab resources: XR04_NoCrimeData_comp.mXR04_NoCrimeData_plot.m


Image AddedLecture 11 (February 4, 2015) 


Introduction to Tikhonov regularization. Finding the minimum of the Tikhonov functional using the singular value decomposition.


Matlab resources

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