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  • Inverse problems, spring 2015

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The course is lectured in English.

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Inverse problems are about interpreting indirect measurements. The scientific study of inverse problems is an interdisciplinary field combining mathematics, physics, signal processing, and engineering. 

Examples include


-Sharpening a misfocused photograph
-Three-dimensional X-ray imaging (more information)
-Recovering the inner structure of the Earth based on earthquake measurements 
-Reconstructing electric conductivity from current-to-voltage boundary measurements (see this page and this page)
-Finding cracks inside solid structures
-Prospecting for oil and minerals
-Monitoring underground contaminants
-Finding the shape of asteroids based on light-curve data (see this page)


The common features of all this problems are the need to understand indirect measurements and to overcome extreme sensitivity to noise and modelling inaccuracies.



Samuli Siltanen