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Using electronic exams requires
  • a number of questions for the question bank. Piloting teachers are provided with training, workshops and support in the creation of meaningful questions.
  • decisions on when the exam is open and how long time the exam can take
  • adding the questions to the question bank
  • assessment and grading
  • taking the grades to oodi - which includes various practices in the faculties

If you are interested, please contact the contact persons below or the senior lecturer in university pedagogy in your faculty.

  • Faculty of Arts: Kristiina Pirnes
  • Faculty of Behavioral Sciences: SIJAINEN?Johanna Puustinen
  • Faculty of Law: Kristiina Airosmaa
  • Faculty of Theology: Timo Valtonen
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Liisa Myyry

For additional information, please contact project manager Anni Rytkönen,