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The Teton range, Wyoming, USA

New geodynamics group website

Information about the

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What we study

The newly formed Helsinki University Geodynamics Group (HUGG) is lead by Assistant Professor David Whipp. We study the basic geodynamic processes that are involved in deformation of the lithosphere. Our research focuses on quantifying rates of tectonic, geomorphic and geodynamic processes using 3D numerical numerical models in combination with field, laboratory and geophysical observations.

Tools we use


Collaborators (past and present)



If you're interested in joining HUGG

can be found on our new website.

This wiki page is now in the process of being repurposed as a resource for members of HUGG. Much of the existing material will be removed or made private.

Recently Updated


3.2.2021 - New HUGG website

18.5.2015 - Blog post about the Nepal earthquakes

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