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  • Inverse problems, spring 2015

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Second and final goal: poster is presented in the session on May 87. The poster will be printed in size A1. You may create your own poster (from scratch), or you can use e.g. this template as a starting point and edit its layout, colors, fonts, etc. as much as you like.


Results of the poster projects

The posters have been presented in a poster session on May 7. Each group had 5 minutes to present their project and explain what they have done. The results can be found in the following:

X-ray tomography on a Lego block

Sparse X-ray Tomography using Total Variation

X-Ray tomography with sparse data

Dental Imaging using Sparse Angle X-ray CT with Tikhonov Regularization

X-ray Tomography Project Work Inverse Problems Course 2015

Practical X-ray tomography by total variation reconstruction

Approximate total variation reconstruction of a wisdom tooth cross section from 2-dimensional X-ray projection images

Inverse Problems Project: Pistachio

CT imaging of hard materials with beam hardening

Dictionary Based JPEG Artefact Removal

Total Variation Regularization with Barzilai and Borwein Optimization Method



Feedback was collected in the middle of the course using this form.