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My research interest is image informatics in general:  
the science of extracting information from images of
natural sources. Typically, my data sources are tissue samples
and cultured cells with different disease related backgrounds.

My research interests

My interest lies in images and understanding them.
I apply data mining approaches to imaging,
but also try to mimic the expert in understanding the images.
Technically, these are called bottom-up and top-down approaches.
Robust automation in image processing and analysis is close to my heart.

The tools:

I have created a toolbox of my own, called Anima. It is built on top of the analysis framework Anduril. Anima is dedicated for image analysis, but it extends the vast array of data processing tools of Anduril.

Another tool that has become an important part of developing data analysis, is NiceCSV. Read the wiki page for more information.

Research funding:

My research is funded by various projects. The infrastructure for my research is provided by Systems Biology Laboratory in the University of Helsinki.








Public GPG key: gpg --recv-keys 13313151 --keyserver  (or download)

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