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This documentation has moved!


Quick instructions:

  • Turn on the monitors and studio light by clicking the light switches by the door when entering
  • Log in to the system by showing the uniflow-reader the card used for printing. Normally this is the staff card. 
  • If you want, connect your laptop to the free HDMI or VGA cables (also adapters available) or load your presentation to the presentatino computer equipped with wireless keyboard.
  • The recorder is controlled via touch panel. When your username is visible on the left side of the panel it is usable (i.e. card signin is successful)
  • Try different layouts and choose one which suits your presentation. On the left monitor you can see the final composition which will be recorded to video. 
    • Layouts can be changed on the touch panel. Currently layout cannot be changed faster than with a 4-5 seconds interval.
    • When using DUAL MODE both the camera and pc video will be recorded into separate files, so both monitors will be recorded. Layouts cannot be used. This is handy if you want to compose the final video yourself using a video editor later on.
  • After your have signed in you can start recording and/or streaming. 
  • Recording:
    • Recording is started with the round rec-button on the panel. The delay from pushing the button to starting of recording is 4-5 seconds (the lights on top of panel show red)
    • If you want to have a break within the presentation, press pause. Recording is resumed by pressing the pause button again.
    • The recording can be stopped by presing the stop button (square). When stopping the use us also signed out, so you need to show card again if you plan to make a new recording.
  • Streaming:
    • Streaming is switched on and off by pressing the Stream button. The stream is visible with a slight delay at:
  • Hints for using the studio:
    • The camera can be moved around and the height of the pole changed. It's good to notice that the camera has wide angle lens and can be located closer to the speakers than a normal camera. 
    • The floor microphone can be moved round. The ceiling microphones pick up sound quite well but the best quality is achieved by using the floor mic within one metre. The floor microphone for Aleksandria is coming later in the week.

The UniTube Studios are DIY audio + video recording facilities in the Learning Centre Aleksandria's room 233 and Infocentre Korona's room 314. The studios are open for all U of Helsinki's staff free of charge as long as the use has to do with University of Helsinki's educational, scientific or communicative needs. The following photo shows you the studio from inside:


The studio is currently equipped with:

  • 1 camera on a tripod. You may move this camera freely inside the studio (detaching the camera from the tripod or cables is not allowed, however).
  • 2 pcs. 55" monitors: left monitor = Recorder, right monitor = Presentation PC
  • 5 pcs. ceiling-mounted microphones (non movable)
  • 1 floor mounted condensator microphone
  • 2 Presentation PC (for showing slides, web-content etc).

The following diagram shows the layout of the studio(click to enlarge):

UniTube Studio's Booking via Office365 (Group Fabianinkatu 26, Room Aleksandria, 233, UniTube-studio
UniTube Studio's Booking Calendar (showing busy times)


Read carefully!

  • There are seats for 4 people in the Aleksandria studio and for 2 people in Viikki. Do not attempt to take too many people into the studio simultaneously.
  • You can make a studio reservation during normal opening hours. The janitor will let members of U of Helsinki staff inside the studio based on a reservation in the booking system. Students may use the studio only when a teacher / staff member makes the reservation.
  • Remember to check the PC image source with the help of a short test clip! If you do not check that your PC image shows in the video your resulting recording may lack the PC image completely.
  • Please note that UniTube services have a monthly maintenance window during which uploading of videos from the UniTube Studio is not possible and there might be problems with the card signing. The maintenance window is last Tuesday each month, at 8.00-10.00 am.


Question: can I attach my laptop to the recording equipment and show material from my laptop as part of the recording?
Answer: yes, you can. There are VGA- and HDMI-cables (and a DisplayPort-to-HDMI-adapter, too) for your laptop. Prior to going to the studio please familiarize yourself of how to enable the external monitor output with your laptop.

Question: can I make LIVE broadcasts with UniTube Studio?
Answer: yes by using the 'stream' functionality on the touch panel.

Question: can I shoot video to a memory card in the studio and edit the video afterwards?
Answer: the recorded video files can be downloaded from Flamma's UniTube-Uploader and then edited locally.

Question: can I make simultaneous Adobe Connect seminars in the UniTube Studio - or use traditional H323/SIP videoconferencing in the studio?
Answer: the use of Adobe Connect and videoconferencing is not supported in the studio due to the complex audio and video setup.

Question: are there any other facilities where I can make recordings in addition to the UniTube Studio?
Answer: yes, there are. See UniTube Lecture Capture Theatres.

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