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This documentation has moved!

The UniTube Arena is a video and audio portal found in University of Helsinki's public web pages - - and at the University's Flamma Intranet, under the News and Events tab (see image below). In the UniTube Arena all University members can watch and listen to the video and audio content produced and published by the U of H people. Recordings in the Arena can be browsed by several criteria: by keyword, by time, by series of by organization.


Please note that UniTube tools have a maintenance window during which UniTube tools are not available. The maintenance window is the last Tuesday of each month, at 8-10 am.


Question: what do I need to use UniTube Arena?
Answer: Any modern web browser capable of showing HLS or HTML5 video in MP4 format can be used, ie. Windows, Mac or Linux desktops, as well as modern tablets and mobile devices.


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