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Course: Software Security

  • Advanced studies, elective, 4 cr
  • Students from UH and Aalto

Course staff:

  • Antti Vähä-Sipilä, F-Secure
  • Sini Ruohomaa, University of Helsinki
  • N. Asokan, University of Helsinki, professor in charge

Class meetings:

  • Lectures: Wednesdays 16-18 D122 (note compulsory attendance 5/6)
  • Support workshops: Mondays 16-18 D122 (for discussion and questions, attendance not compulsory)
  • A handful of students assigned to take notes on each lecture: assignments on wiki
    • First version due 1 week later, polished due 2 weeks later (23:55)
    • First versions open to discussion within course
    • Final versions published in course page at end of course
  • Homework projects published every Wednesday
    • Recommended deadline one week later (23:55)
    • Cutoff: 13 days after publishing (23:55), submissions after that do not get graded

Lecture notes:

  • Imagine: Notes will be published in a book
    • Complete, correct, readable
    • Extend what you learned from the lecture (= add synthesis)
  • Structure: Summary, content of lecture, conclusion
  • See Example notes from Mobile Platform Security

Submitting homework:

What do you need to do:

  • Submit homework projects on time
  • Produce notes for lecture assigned to you
  • Present in at least 5/6 lecture sessions


  • Grades for weekly projects (70%)
  • Quality of lecture notes (10% + 20%)
  • No exam!

Course information channels:

Supplementary material:

  • Recommended course book: Secure Coding
  • Further reading: Software Security: Building Security in
  • Additional reading lists for each lecture (see wiki)

Commitment to complete course:

  • Fellow students are on waiting list
  • If you think you cannot complete the course
    • Please drop out now, and let us know


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