The correction of a plainly wrong quotation in a text on the basis of the reading transmitted by the source of the quotation. For example: in the laudatory poem for St. Catherine Or mi conforta, bella contained in the so-called Laudario di Modena, l. 89 reads as follows: “cusí la te’ a mostrare ch’eri sanctificata”, while in the Legenda aurea: De s. Katherina one reads: “de eius corpore pro sanguine lac [“latte” = “milk”] emanauit”. Therefore l. 89 should be emended as “ensí late a mostrare ch’eri sanctificata” [“milk poured (from your body) to show that you were holy”].


– Del Popolo, Concetto. 2001. “Un paragrafo di critica testuale: emendatio ex fonte.” In Studi e Problemi di Critica Testuale LXIII: 5-28.

In other languages

DE: emendatio ex fonte
FR: émendation à partir de la source
IT: correzione per la fonte


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