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Electronic exams, especially "electronic exam aquariums", refer to rooms equipped with computers and cameras where students can take exams. Answers are written on computers and the situation is recorded for the staff to observe. Electronic examining increases flexibility for students in reaching literature, taking the required exams and planning their studies in whole. For teachers the use of electronic exams provides a possibility to support enhancement of studies and develop goals and methods for assessment. In the beginning, electronic examining requires additional teacher time in designing a bank of questions, which pays back later when questions are not needed for each exam separately.

During the academic year 2013-2014 the electronic exam project is going to equip the room P224 in Porthania for electronic examining. In spring 2014 the room, the system and practices will be piloted before wider use.

For the pilot we are now looking for City Campus teachers who would be interested in providing the electronic exam alternative for their students during the spring term 2014.

Using electronic exams requires
  • a number of questions for the question bank. Piloting teachers are provided with training, workshops and support in the creation of meaningful questions.
  • decisions on when the exam is open and how long time the exam can take
  • adding the questions to the question bank
  • assessment and grading
  • taking the grades to oodi - which includes various practices in the faculties

If you are interested, please contact the contact persons below or the senior lecturer in university pedagogy in your faculty.

  • Faculty of Arts: Kristiina Pirnes
  • Faculty of Behavioral Sciences: Johanna Puustinen
  • Faculty of Law: Kristiina Airosmaa
  • Faculty of Theology: Timo Valtonen
  • Faculty of Social Sciences: Liisa Myyry

For additional information, please contact project manager Anni Rytkönen,

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