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Presemo is an easy-to-use online tool for activating students. In teaching, Presemo can be used for polls, votings, peer ratings or chat discussions during lectures, lessons, group meetings, seminars and other events, even together with hundreds of students. It’s easy for a teacher to summarise the results and save a full report for further use. Beyond teaching, Presemo can also be used in other events with audience, e.g. conferences at the University of Helsinki.

All you need is a web browser and a network connection to be able to use Presemo. Presemo is designed to be used with mobile devices, i.e. tablets and mobile phones. In teaching, students can be guided to participate in groups, if they don’t have mobile devices of their own (then, one phone/tablet/laptop per group is needed).

The service is only aimed for the teaching staff at the University of Helsinki.

Presemo user guide:

Register a new Presemo room: (max. two rooms / teacher)

Presemo presentations in PowerPointShow and PDF format (in english)

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