1. Course title

Standardimallin laajennukset
Theories beyond the standard model

2. Course code


3. Course status: compulsory or optional

-Which degree programme is responsible for the course?

Master's programme in Particle and Astrophysical sciences


PAP3002 Advanced Studies in Particle Physics and Cosmology
optional for

  • Study Track in Particle Physics and Cosmology

-Is the course available to students from other degree programmes?


4. Course level (first-, second-, third-cycle/EQF levels 6, 7 and 8)

-Master’s level, degree programmes in medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine = secondcycle
degree/EQF level 7

5. Recommended time/stage of studies for completion

Recommended for advanced Master's students in particle physics. Prerequisites:  QFTI, QFTII

6. Term/teaching period when the course will be offered

Teaching periods I-II, odd years

7. Scope of the course in credits

5 cr

8. Teacher coordinating the course

Oleg Lebedev

9. Course learning outcomes

Understanding the current problems in particle physics and possible avenues to address them.

10. Course completion methods

Lectures and exercises. Attendance strongly encouraged.

The final grade is based on the exam and  homework performance.

11. Prerequisites


12. Recommended optional studies

Higgs physics, Supersymmetry

13. Course content

Problems of the Standard Model: strong CP problem, flavor problem, hierarchy problem, dark matter problem.

Extensions of the Standard Model: axions, Froggatt-Nilesen model, Grand Unification, effective field theories, general anomalies.

14. Recommended and required literature

Lecture notes and original papers (references to be provided). Basic methods: An introduction to quantum field theory by Peskin, Schroeder, 1995

15. Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

Exercise sessions, student discussions, in-class participation and feedback

16. Assessment practices and criteria, grading scale

1 to 5 based on the final exam (75%) and homework (25%)

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