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Own codes made for advanced studies of every study track

Optional courses to all study tracks:

  • Three new courses added:
    • MATR410(1-99) Special Course in Materials Research, 1-10 cr
    • MATR403 Course completed in another university, 1-10 cr
    • MATR369 Industrial Physics, 5 cr

Study track in Experimental Materials Physics:

  • New course added:
    MATR367 Fasta tillståndets fysik, 10 cr
  • Scope of MATR316 Nuclear Physics has been changed to 5 cr

Study track in Computational Materials Physics:

  • MATR322 Scientific Computing III → course name has been changed to Numerical Methods in Scientific Computing
  • New course added:
    DATA12001 Introduction to Machine Learning, 5 cr
  • New course package "Elective courses offered by Aalto University" added. Package includes three courses from Aalto University:
    • MATR374 Density Functional Theory for Practitioners, 5 cr
    • MATR375 Density Functional Theory for Experts, 5 cr
    • MATR376 Machine Learning for Materials Science, 5 cr

Study track in Medical Physics and Biophysics:

  • Information about the mandatory courses for Hospital Physicists has been added

Study track in Polymer Materials Chemistry:

  • Course packages deleted
  • Two new courses added:
    MATR370 Amphiphilic Polymers, 5 cr
    MATR371 Wood Chemistry, 5 cr

Study track in Inorganic Materials Chemistry:

  • Course packages deleted
  • Two new courses added:
    MATR372 Nanocatalysis, 5 cr
    MATR373 Atomic layer deposition and etching, 5 cr

Study track in Electronics and Industrial Physics:

  • Courses deleted from the degree structure:
    MATR336 Analogue Electronics, 5 cr
    MATR337 Bioelectronics, 5 cr
    MATR328 Ultrasonic Drug Delivery, 5 cr
  • Scope of MATR329 Optics has been changed to 10 credits (previously 5 credits)
  • Scope of MATR339 Photonics has been changed to 10 credits (previously 5 credits)

Other studies in Materials Research:

  • Study module MATR330 Other studies in Materials Research has been deleted and the courses under it have been added to MATR400 Other studies

Other Studies:

  • Courses FINN-111 Finnish 1A and FINN-112 Finnish 1B added
  • Code MATR450 added for Study module completed in a foreign university, 15-20 cr
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