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Link to study planning tool:

Study planning in a nutshell

  • The study planning tool features four main functions: planning the structure of your studies, scheduling the studies, managing your study calendar and searching for individual course units. In this guide, you can explore the detailed instructions for each feature or just take a look at the quick guide for an overview of the most important functions.

  • In time, the new system will replace WebOodi as a comprehensive tool for study planning and course registration. For the time being, however, the tool is only used for personal study planning. Nothing you do within the tool affects your course registrations. You still have to register for courses in WebOodi!

  • The current version is still in a beta stage and under development. Occasional bugs may occur. We would appreciate feedback on any errors you spot, and you can give it here (feedback form in Finnish only).

Known defects and shortcomings

  • The study planning tool currently does not work on mobile devices.

  • The credits total may appear incorrect on the Structure of studies page.

  • The Search finds not only course units conforming to the new degree structures but also those in accordance with the old structures.
    – You should only include course units that conform to the new structures in a new plan. You can tell these by their code that starts with letters. More information here.

  • The Search does not find all existing studies, and the course info sheets do not always include all the relevant information.
    – Notice that the Search finds course units, not active courses or teaching. To find out when a course is offered and how you can complete it, see the course info sheet.

  • Completed course units:
    – Some course units consist of multiple components. (E.g. the course DIGI-000 Student’s Digital Skills (City Centre) 3 cr consists of the components Student’s Digital Skills: Orientation 2 cr and Student’s Digital Skills: Advanced Skills 1 cr.)  The completion of a component does not appear in the tool, but the completion of the whole course unit does once you have completed all the components.
    – At the moment, if multiple courses are registered under the same code, none of them will appear as completed. (Relevant mostly to students moving from the old degree programmes into the new ones.)
    – There are also further problems in showing completed courses. We are currently working on this, but for the time being reliable information on completed studies can be found in WebOodi.

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