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  • Plagiarism detection in Moodle
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How to enable plagiarism detection (Urkund) in Moodle course

1.    Go to the course main page and turn editing on

2.    Add an activity

You may use Urkund in the Assignment activity. Choose Assignment and Add.

3.    Urkund settings

In Enable URKUND  choose ”Yes”. In the Receiver address, add the analysis address which you have received after creating user account. (If you do not have an Urkund user account, see guide ).
The form of analysis address is


After the student has returned the submission and after it has been sent to Urkund, you may see Processing icon on the right side/below of the assignment.

When Urkund is done processing, the column ”File Submission” will display a colored box indicating how much of the document that has been found in other sources. Click the colored percent box to open the detailed review of  the Urkund analysis.