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  • Glossary as a bookmark archive
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Use the Glossary activity for collecting bookmarks collaboratively. The Database activity can be used accordingly, and even for more versatile goals.

  • the teacher has to add bookmark categories in advance
  • when adding new entries, use the following conventions
    • Concept = The name of the website
    • Keywords (optional) = concepts or aliases that are used in the course to refer to the website
    • Categories = It is to be stressed to the students that they have to pick at least one category, and they should pick all the categories that the website belongs to.
    • Definition = The first row should have the website's address (URL), the http:// part included. Then a line break followed by a description of the link, followed by other things as specified in the assignment instructions.
    • Formatting = If you are using Moodle's built-in editor, this field cannot be changed. In this case, you have to turn the URL manually into a hyperlink by selecting it, clicking the "chain" icon, and pasting the address into the URL field. If you can edit this field, choose "Moodle auto-format".
  • Use import / export entries to move the bookmarks from a course to another.
    • To include bookmark categories, remember to check the Import categories box when importing the bookmark file.
    • Comments and author information won't be imported. All the bookmarks in the new course area will show their author to be the teacher who imported them.