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Rooms and phone numbers here

Group leader
Ivan Mammarella (publications)

Timo Vesala (publications)

Research Director
Martin Heimann (publications)

Tiia Grönholm (publications)
Jouni Heiskanen (publications)
Pasi Kolari (publications)
Xuefei Li (publications)
Olli Peltola (publications)
Maarit Raivonen (publications)
Pekka Rantala (publications)
Yann Salmon (publications)
Risto Taipale (publications)

Doctoral students
Pavel Alekseychik (publications)
Daniela Franz
Kukka-Maaria Erkkilä (publications)
Maria Provenzale (publications)



Left back: Pasi Kolari, Ivan Mammarella, Leena Järvi*, Maria Provenzale, Tiia Grönholm, Mikko Auvinen*, Aleksanteri Mauranen
Left front: Jouni Heiskanen, Kukka-Maaria Erkkilä, Tom Kokkonen*, Timo Vesala,  Maarit Raivonen, Xuefei Li

*Working in Urban Meteorology Group

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