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Matematiikan ja tilastotieen laitoksen opintosivualue

Master´s degree programmes

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Master´s Degree Programmes in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

When applying for this Master's Degree you can choose among the following specializations (graduation possible till 31.7.2020):

Applied analysis
- contact Matti Lassas
Biomathematics - contact Mats Gyllenberg (Personal study plan Eva Kisdi)
Computer aided mathematics - contact Samuli Siltanen
Finance and insurance mathematics - contact Harri Nyrhinen
Geometry, algebra and topology - contact Pekka Pankka
Machine Learning - contact Antti Honkela, Jarno Vanhatalo, Jukka Corander
Mathematical analysis - contact Hans-Olav Tylli (Personal study plan Ilkka Holopainen)
Mathematical logic - contact Jouko Väänänen (Personal study plan Juha Kontinen)
Mathematical physics - contact Antti Kupiainen (Personal study plan Jani Lukkarinen)
Stochastics - contact Dario Gasbarra

Master's Degree Programme in Bayesian Statistics and Decision Analysis (EuroBayes)

Master's Degree Programme in Bayesian Statistics and Decision Analysis (EuroBayes) is implemented as a joint effort of six European universities, representing a wide spectrum of different orientations of study and corresponding profiles of research. Teaching is given in English. The program provides advanced training for students who wish to develop special skills in the modern methodologies of statistical data analysis, with a particular emphasis on Bayesian inference. The selection will be based on the quality and grades of the completed Bachelor´s degre (or equivalnet qualification) and on the scope and grades of the studies completed in statistics, mathematics and computer science as well as on the applicant´s motivation letter. Studies in the following areas will be given special emphasis: probability calculcus, mathematical analysis and linear algebra.

There are no more admissions to this programme. From 2014 on, the programme in Statistics replaces EuroBayes.

Contact: Sirkka-Liisa Varvio

Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics (MBI)

Master's Degree Programme in Bioinformatics MBI is a two-year MSc programme offered jointly by the University of Helsinki (UH) and Aalto University School of Science. In UH the responsibe departments are Department of Mathematics and Statistics and Department of Computer Science. In addition, studies in Viikki Faculties (Biology and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry) are relevant in the programme.
Admission is based on the amount, quality and grades of the applicable studies as well as on the letter of motivation. The applicability of studies willl be assessed particularly on the basis of how extensively and profoundly the applicant´s previous studies cover the mathematical concepts and computational methods needed to study bioinformatics, such as linear algebra, mathematical analysis, discrete mathematics, porbability calculus, statistics, programming, the theory of computation, algorithms and data structures. Studies in biology and medicine will be considered an advantage.

There are no more admissions to this programme: From 2014 on, the programme will be replaced by four collaborating (sub)programmes with separate admissions: Biometry and bioinformatics (Statistics in Department of Mathematics and Statistics), Biomathematics (Applied mathematics in Department of Mathematics and Statistics), Algorithmic bioinformatics (Computer science, Department of Computer Science), and Master´s Programme in Life Science Technologies (Aalto University).


Contact: Sirkka-Liisa Varvio






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