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  • Virtual Logic One, spring 2012
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Virtual Logic One, spring 2012


Matti Pauna


10 cu.


This course is equivalent to the Finnish Logiikka 1 course. However, it is purely virtual (except for the exams) and is held in English.


All the lectures are on Moodle. Also more information about the course is now available on Moodle.

Please create an account  and enroll yourself into the course.


There are two exams in this course, one at the end of first period and the other at the end of second. Both exams give a maximum of 24 points each. Exam dates are:

1st exam: March 2, 13-15, Exactum A111

2nd exam: May 4, 13-15, Exactum A111


Did you forget to register? What to do.

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