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Trilateral workshop on Inverse Problems

March 4-5, 2010 at Helsinki, Finland

Interest groups


Thursday, March 4.

10.00 Opening, prof. Lassi Päivärinta, Finland
10.10 Lecture, prof. Andreas Kirsch, Germany, slides
10.30 Break and discussion
10.40 Lecture, prof. Jijun Liu, China, slides
11.00 Break and discussion
11.10 Lecture, prof. Samuli Siltanen, Finland, slides 1, slides 2
11.30 Break and discussion
11.40 Lecture, prof. Wei Ting, China, slides


Lunch break

13.30 Lecture, prof. Bernd Hofmann, Germany, slides
13.50 Break and discussion
14.00 Lecture, Dr. Nuutti Hyvönen, Finland, slides
14.20 Coffee and discussion
14.50 Lecture, Dr. Shuai Lu, China, slides
15.10 Break and discussion
15.20 Lecture, prof. Peter Maass, Germany, slides
15.40 Lecture, Dr. Aku Seppänen, Finland

Planning of the joint ventures and discussions of future possibilities in


Conference dinner

Friday, March 5.

10.00 Lecture, prof. Mikko Kaasalainen, Finland, slides
10.20 Lecture, prof. Liu Jijun, China, slides
10.40 Coffee and discussion
11.10 Lecture, prof. Alfred Louis, Germany
11.30 Break and discussion
11.40 Lecture, Mikko Salo Finland, slides


Final conclusions and end of the workshop

Pictures from the talks and from the conference dinner at restaurant Havis:

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