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  • Stochastic population models, spring 2015
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Stochastic population models, spring 2015


Exam dates: see below

Note: the exams are open book exams, i.e., you may use your lecture notes

Supplement to lecture notes of chapter 11 now available



Stefan Geritz


10 sp.


Advanced studies


Some acquaintance with ordinary differential equations, complex analysis and probability theory would come in handy.


Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Tuesday 14-16 in room B321 and Thursday 14-16 in room B322. Two hours of exercise classes per week. 

Easter Holiday 2.-8.4.


Two possibilities – choose one:

(1) Wednesday 29 April; time 14-17; register with lecturer.

(2) Wednesday 20 May; time 12-16; official registration 13 April - 4 May.


1. Introduction

2. Fluctuating parameters in single-ODE models

3. Delay differential equations (DDEs)

4. Fluctuating parameters in single-DDE models

5. Stochastic differential equations (SDEs)

6. Fluctuation statistics of stationary processes

7. Population models with stochastic parameters

8. Birth-death processes in small populations

9. Semi-large systems

Example 1

Example 2

11. Multi-type birth death processes

11-S. Supplement to chapter 11

(These notes are virtually the same as of the course given in 2013. At some time I hope to post an updated version with the errors removed ...)


Did you forget to register?  What to do?


1.Wednesday14-16CK111Helene Weigang

Exercises 1-4;

Exercises 5-8;

Exercises 9;

Exercises 10-12;

Exercises 13-14;

Exercises 15-16;

Exercises 17-18;

Exercise 19;


Solution to the Exercises (if you find typos please send an email to Helene)

Exercises 1-4 Solutions

Exercises 5-8 Solutions

Exercise 9 Solution

Exercises 10-12 Solutions (typo in Ex 10 fixed)

Exercise 13-14 Solutions

Exercise 15-16 Solutions

Exercise 17-18 Solutions

Mathematica Notebook Exercise 19

Exercise 19 (pdf of nb)



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