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  • Statistical software tools, fall 2012
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Statistical software tools I and II, fall 2012


  • 5 credits for the beginners course in period I
  • 5 credits for the advanced course in period II


Advanced studies

Content scheme

  1. Beginners course in period I
    • R environment
    • LaTeX / Beamer
    • Octave / Matlab
    • eventually JAGS
  2. Advanced course in period II
    • High performance / parallel computing in R with C++
    • Efficient programming
    • Large data sets


  • The minimal prerequisites for the beginners course include an interest in programming and basic knowledge of statistics.
  • The minimal prerequisites for the advanced course include mastering of the R environment, an interest in high performance / parallel computing with R as well as basic knowledge of statistics.
  • A laptop would be desirable so that all software can be easily installed.


Periods I and II, Monday 12-14 and Wednesday 12-14 in computer class room C128.


  • Beginners course in period I: Mid-course exam and presentation at the end of period I
  • Advanced course in period II: Project work


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