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  • Second Course in Statistics, spring 2010
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Second Course in Statistics, spring 2010


Xiaojin Dong and
Pekka Pere


78207 Part 1: 5 cu
78208 Part 2: 5 cu


Basic studies (perusopinnot)


Introduction to Statistics (or equivalent)

Description of the course

A short description of the course is given here.

Time schedule (preliminary)

III ja IV period Mo 10-12 room CK111 (except on April 26) , Th 10-12 room C323 (both in Kumpula), exercises Thursday 12-14 room C123. Room for the lecture on the 26th of April will be announced here as soon as a suitable place has been found.

18.1. (Mo)
21.1. (Thu)
25.1. (Mo)
28.1. (Thu) + 1. exercises
1.2. (Mo)
4.2. (Thu) + 2. exercises
8.2. (Mo)
11.2. (Thu) + 3. exercises
15.2. (Mo)
18.2. (Thu) + 4. exercises
22.2. (Mo)
25.2. (Thu) + 5. exercises

4.3. (Thu) midterm exam Please note the time!

15.3. (Mo)
18.3. (Thu) + 6. exercises
22.3. (Mo)
25.3. (Thu) No exercises today.
29.3. (Mo)
(Easter holiday)
8.4. (Thu) + 7. exercises
12.4. (Mo)
15.4. (Thu) 8. exercises. No lecture today.
19.4. (Mo) No lecture today.
22.4. (Thu) + 9. exercises
26.4. (Mo) lecture in BK106
29.4. (Thu) lecture in C323 + 10. exercises (in C123)

Please note the the updated time schedule of the course including a new day for the 2. exam.


4.3. (midterm exam) (Thu 9-12)
6.5. (final exam) (Thu 9-12; room C323)

Lecture notes

12th set of lecture notes.
13th set of lecture notes.
14th set of lecture notes
15th set of lecture notes.
15-16th set of lecture notes; set I, 15-16th set of lecture notes; set II and 15-16th set of lecture notes; set III. (Updated 22nd of April!)
17th set of lecture notes.
18th set of lecture notes.
19th set of lecture notes and 19th set of lecture notes; set II.
20th set of lecture notes and 20th set of lecture notes; set II..
21st set of lecture notes.
22nd set of lecture notes.
23rd set of lecture notes.


6th set of exercises (week 11). Data set for the 6th set of exercises
Solutions for the 6th set of exercises

7th set of exercises (week 12). Solutions for the 7th set of exercises
8th set of exercises (week 13). Solutions for the 8th set of exercises
9th set of exercises (week 16). Data set for the 9th set of exercises Solutions for the 9th set of exercises
10th set of exercises (week 17). Solutions for the 10th set of exercises

Mr. Ali Amiryousefi (Ali.Amiryousefi@Helsinki.FI) conducts the exercises.

Other material

Table of the Standard Normal distribution
Other tables

A description of the Normal distribution
Impact of the maginitude of the parameters on the distribution

On the law of large numbers
The central limit theorem and its animation
Convergence of the binomial distribution to the normal distribution or the bean machine
A more detailed explanation of the bean machine (updated on the 20th of March)
A real bean machine , another and a third and the quickest one

On type I and type II errors

Sigificance testing in action (climate change example)

Continuity correction of the normal approximation

Statistical calculators (e.g. for p-values)

Registration, part 1

Registration, part 2

Did you forget to register? What to do.

Exercise groups










Ali Amiryousefi

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