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  • Phylogeny inference and data analysis, fall 2013
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Phylogeny inference, seminar, fall 2013


Sirkka-Liisa Varvio  

Scope, type and prerequisites

3 cr: Seminar presentation (~30-40min) on a topic and acting as an opponent to another student´s presentation. Topics range from purely statistical and (almost) purely biological - as well as mixtures of these. In addition, a written essay (~8 pages) about the topic.

Prerequisite: The course Biometry and bioinformatics II or the course Phylogeny inference and data analysis which has been in study curriculum in previous years.

Time schedule

II teaching period. 

Suggested references for topic tailoring
Paper(s) for a topicPresenter Opponent
Phylo_history_1.pdf, Phylo_history_2.pdfJimmy 1. Siru
Phylo_cancer_1.pdf, Phylo_cancer_2.pdf   
Phylo_cancer_3.pdf, Phylo_cancer_4.pdf   
Phylo_celltypes.pdfAugustine 1.Igor 2.Igor
Phylo_languages.pdf Jimmy 2. , Aravind 3. 
Phylo_bacteria_1.pdf, Phylo_bacteria_2.pdf Augustine 2. 
Phylo_lateral gene transfer_1.pdf, Phylo_lateral_gene_transfer_2.pdfAravind 1. Nicole
Phylo_metagenomics_methods.pdfNicole 1.Sinduja 2., Aravind 2.Aravind
Phylo_human_metagenomics_1.pdf, Phylo_human_metagenomics_2.pdf Nicole 2. 
Phylo_env_metagenomics_1.pdf, Phylo_env_metagenomics_2.pdf Nicole 3. 
Phylo_statistics_1.pdf, Phylo_statistics_2.pdfMitjaAmerica 2.America
Phylo mammals_1.pdf , Phylo mammals_2.pdf   
Phylo virus_1.pdf, Phylo virus_2.pdfSinduja 1. Sahle
Phylo_HMM_1.pdf , Phylo_HMM_2.pdfAmerica 1. Mitja
Phylo_HIV.pdf ,Sahle Sinduja
Protein evolution_1.pdf , Protein evolution_3.pdfIgor 1. Augustine


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