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  • Introduction to mathematical biology, fall 2014
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Introduction to mathematical biology, fall 2014

This course is intended as a first introduction to mathematical biology. Subject areas include the dynamics of populations and of interacting species, ecosystem modelling, the dynamics of infectious diseases, natural selection and evolution. The participants will get acquainted with constructing and analysing mathematical models, mostly in form of continuous- and discrete-time dynamical systems. Mathematical biology is an active field of applied mathematics also at our Department, and interested students can continue with a number of advanced courses as well as start active research on undergraduate (BSc, MSc) and graduate level.


Eva Kisdi


10 sp.


Intermediate / Advanced studies


Differential equations, elements of matrix algebra


Weeks 36-42 and 44-50, Monday 10-12 and Friday 10-12 in room B322. Two hours of exercise classes per week. First lecture: 5 September (Friday). No lectures on 22 and 29 September; instead, an extra exercise class for group 1 on Monday 22 Sept 10-12 and for group 2 on Friday 26 Sept 10-12 in the lecture room. 

The lecture of Friday 12 December is cancelled.


Exercises 1.1-1.5 (discussed on 15 Sept)
Exercises 2.1-2.5 (discussed on 22 Sept)
Exercises 3.1-3.4 (discussed on 22 Sept in group 1, 26 Sept in group 2)
Exercises 4.1-4.4 (discussed on 29 Sept)
Exercises 5.1-5.5 (discussed on 6 Oct)
Exercises 6.1-6.5 (discussed on 13 Oct)
Exercises 7.1-7.5 (discussed on 27 Oct)
Exercises 8.1-8.5 (discussed on 3 Nov)
Exercises 9.1-9.5 (discussed on 10 Nov)
Exercises 10.1-10.5 (discussed on 17 Nov)
Exercises 11.1-11.5 (discussed on 24 Nov)
Exercises 12.1-12.5 (discussed on 1 Dec)
Exercises 13.1-13.5 (discussed on 8 Dec) help

Additional exercises (optional; not discussed in exercise classes)


Quadratic map (excel)
Limiting similarity (pdf)


Traditional written exam or an individual project, the latter only for those with good exercise class activity (min 75% completed).

Projects: pdf. Projects already taken: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12

Exam dates: Monday 15 December 13.00 - 16.00, in room B322; Monday 12 January 9.00-12.00 in room B322; last exam: Thursday 19 March 9.00-12.00 in room CK109. If this date is not possible for you, please send me an email so that we can organize another date.

Lecture notes, books, etc. may be used freely during the exam, only may not be shared. Computers are not necessary but may be used with the internet turned off (download files in advance).




 Did you forget to register?  What to do?


1.Monday 14-16 C129 Francesca Scarabel

DK117 (period I)

CK108 (period II)

Brittany Rose
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