Introduction to Logic I and II, summer 2016


Teacher:  Matti Pauna 

Scope: 5 + 5 cr

Type: intermediate studies, equivalent to the Finnish Johdatus logiikkaan I ja II -courses

Teaching: Online courses at

Topics:  These are introductory courses in logic covering elements of propositional and predicate logic and is suitable e.g. for mathematics, philosophy and computer science students.

Prerequisites: None


  •  Introduction to logic I starts on Monday, May 16. First online assignment due Wednesday, May 18 23:55.

Teaching schedule

  • Weekly assignments to be submitted by Wednesdays at 23:55.
  • To prepare for the assignments, study the lecturing materials at your own pace and discuss or ask hints in the forum.
  • The assignments are peer evaluated workshops where you also need to grade and give feedback to other students' work.
  • Peer assessment deadlines are on Sundays at 23:55.


  • Introduction to Logic I:  Exam on week 25 (June 20-23) in Exactum, Kumpula campus. Exact time will be announced later.
  • Introduction to Logic II: Exam on week 35 (August 29 - September 2) in Exactum, Kumpula campus. Exact time will be announced later.

Exams last 2,5 hours.
You can use a calculator (this is general policy but calculators are definitely not needed) in the exam.

Course material

All necessary material is found in the course area containing video lectures and handouts. The book "Logic One", written by Professor Jouko Väänänen, is also found in the course home page. You may also read Finnish or Swedish course materials from previous Logic courses. All students have to answer exam questions in English.


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Registration - Introduction to Logic II

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Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.

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