Genetic analysis and molecular evolution, fall 2011


Sirkka-Liisa Varvio

Scope, prerequisites and type

4cr by exam, 6-8cr by exam + extra assignments
Basic probabilistics. The course can be used for advanced or intermediate studies in statistics.

Lectures and computer class sessions

I period. Tuesday 14-16, Thursday 14-16 in room C128 (computer class). 

Week 1

Theme: Sequence databases

Week 2

Theme: Phylogeny inference. Read this: Short phylogeny inference review..pdf

Week 3

Theme: Nucleotide substitution modelling.

Week 4

Theme: The neutral theory of molecular evolution, basic population genetics, genetic diversity.

Week 5

Theme: More about population genetics, genetic diversity, haplotypes, genome evolution.

Thu 6. Oct:
Lecture - Inheritance, pedigree analysis..pdf
Lecture - Inheritance of linked genes, recombination..pdf
Lecture - Random genetic drift..pdf
Assignment 3..pdf, to be submitted Thu 13. Oct

Week 6

Exam: In computer class C128, 20. October, 13-17 EXAM 201011.pdf, ^Exam201011 dataset..txt\

EXTRA ASSIGNMENTS: If you have taken this course and still want to do extra assignments for extra credits, wait for assignments for course in fall 2012



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