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  • Differential geometry and physics, fall 2015
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Differential geometry and physics, fall 2014


Jouko Mickelsson


10 sp.


Advanced studies


Basic and intermediate studies in mathematics, especially differential calculus in several variables.

Basics group theory (for example, from the course Algebra 1).


Weeks 36-42 and 44-50, Monday 10-12 and Tuesday 10-12 in room B321. Two hours of exercise classes per week.


Written examination :  JANUARY 22,  16-20


Lecture notes  geomphysics.pdf and T. Frankel: The Geometry of Physics, An Introduction
(Cambridge University Press, Second Edition 2004),
M. Nakahara: Geometry, Topology, and Physics (Graduate Student Series in Physics, Institute of Physics Publ. Second Edition 2003)


Did you forget to register?  What to do?


1.Wednesday10-12B321Eveliina Peltola

Problem set 1, September 10  problems1.pdf

Problem set 2, September 17 problems2.pdf

Problem set 3, September 24  problems3c.pdf

Problem set 4, October 1  problems4x.pdf

Problem set 5, October 8  problems5x.pdf

NO LECTURES during the weeks 41, 42 ! (travel)

Problem set 6, October 29 problems6x.pdf

Problem set 7, November 5 problems7x.pdf

Problem set 8, November 12 problems8x.pdf

Problem set 9, November 19 problems9x.pdf

Problem set 10, November 26 problems10x.pdf

Problem set 11, December 3 problems11x.pdf

Problem set 12, December 10 problems12x.pdf


NOTE: Written examination January 22!



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