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  • Design and analysis of genome-wide association studies
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Genome-wide association studies, fall 2012


Matti Pirinen, (FIMM)

Questions in advance: Sirkka-Liisa Varvio

Scope and type

2 cu, advanced studies

Lectures and practical sessions

Wednesday 7.11, 14-18, room TBA, Exactum, Kumpula
Tuesday 4.12 and Wednesday 5.12, 14-18, computer class C128, Exactum, Kumpula
•  Lecture 7.11 is the introduction to the course Statistical genetics and relevant also for this GWAS-minicourse.


Wednesday 12.12, 14-18, room TBA.


Basic probabilistics and interest in bio-applications of statistics.
This course is suitable for students with planned orientation to biometry and bioinformatics and also for other students interested in biological applications of statistical inference.
In Bioinformatics Master´s program (MBI) this is the 5th module in the compulsory course Statistical genetics

Description of contents will appear here

Registration Link opens at the beginning of November

This registration link is only for those taking this GWAS-minicourse as a separate 2cr course.
If you participate also the course Statistical genetics, then your registration to that course is enough also for GWAS-minicourse and you should not make a double registration.

Did you forget to register? What to do.

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