An overview of representation theory, spring 2011


Kari Vilonen


2 cu.


Advanced studies


Basic notions of algebra, topology, and analysis suffice for the core part of the course.


The goal of the course is to give an overview of representation theory. It is intended for an audience with diverse mathematical interests. The subject is a blend of algebra, analysis, and geometry. All these different points of view are presented in the course. The case of finite groups is basic and I will discuss it in some detail as an example.


May 9-12 (Mon-Thur):

Monday 14-16 in room D123
Tuesday 14-16 in room D123
Wednesday 14-16 in room C124
Thursday 14-16 in room D123.

Passing the course

You can get credit for the course by doing some of the exercises or by learning in more detail any of the topics discussed in the course.


Registration in WebOodi is not necessary.

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