Algebraic topology II, spring 2016


Teacher: Marja Kankaanrinta 

Scope: 10 cr

Type: Advanced studies


Topics: CW-complexes, cellular homology, universal coefficients, cohomology, applications.

Prerequisites: Introduction to Algebraic Topology (Fall 2015) or equivalent.


        Torstaina 21.4. ei ole luentoa. Sen sijaan perjantaina 22.4. on luento klo 12 - 14 salissa B322.

        Tiistaina 19.4. ei ole luentoa, koska silloin on matematiikan laitoksen virkistyspäivä.

Teaching schedule

Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Tuesday 14-16 in room B321 and Thursday 14-16 in room C122. In addition, two hours of exercise classes per week.

Easter Holiday 24.-30.3. 


One can pass the  class by attending lectures and doing homework exercises. Alternatively, one can pass the class by taking an exam.

Course material

The following books may be of some help:

  1. Joseph J. Rotman: An Introduction to Algebraic Topology, Springer
  2. Marvin J. Greenberg and John R. Harper: Algebraic Topology, A First Course, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company

     Notice that Allen Hatcher's Algebraic Topology is available online. Here is a link:

Lecture notes:




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  • Exercise classes
1.Wednesday12-14 C122 Marja Kankaanrinta 

Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.

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