Adaptive dynamics, spring 2016


dnesTeacher: Stefan Geritz 

Scope: 10 op

Type: Advanced studies





  • For info on the projects, scroll down to the "Exams" and "Exercises" sections below.
  • New example file: Critical trade-offs in the Lotka-Volterra cannibalism time budget model (Mathematica / pdf)


Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Tuesday and Thursday 14-16 in room B322. In addition, two hours of exercise classes per week.

Easter Holiday 24.-30.3.


There will be no exam, but instead there will be project assignments.

In the second half of the course, the project assignments take the place of the homework exercises. The assistants will be available for advise on Wednesday from 14-16 in room C322 (i.e., the normal time and place of the exercise classes). A written report and a 15 minute in-class presentation of the report take the place of the exam, i.e., the grade is based on the report and the presentation. The presentations take place in week 17 on Tuesday and Thursday during the usual lecture hours.

Scroll down to the "Exercises" section for a list of available projects.

Course material

I will roughly follow the lecture notes of the AD-2010 course with occasional updates and handouts given during the lectures.

  • Example file: predator-prey coevolution (Mathematicapdf
  • Example file: competition-colonisation trade-off (Mathematica / pdf) (OLD)
  • Example file: competition-collonization trade-off (Mathematica / pfd)
  • Example file: cannibalism time budget model (Mathematica / pdf
  • Example file: Lotka-Volterra asymmetric competition model (Mathematica / pdf
  • Example file: Floaters & settlers (unimolecular) (Mathematica / pdf)
  • New example file: Critical trade-offs in the Lotka-Volterra cannibalism time budget model (Mathematica / pdf)


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Exercise classes

1.Wednesday 14-16 B321 (period III) / C322 (period IV)Yuhua Cai & Ruili Fan 

Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.

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