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Selected publications by Dario Gasbarra

1 Arjas E. & Gasbarra D.(1994) 'Nonparametric Bayesian inference from right censored survival data using the Gibbs sampler'
Statistica Sinica 4 505-524.

2 Arjas E. & Gasbarra D. (1996) 'Bayesian inference of Survival probabilities under stochastic ordering constraints'
JASA 91 1101-1109.

3 Arjas E. & Gasbarra D.(1997) 'On prequential model assessment in life history analysis'
Biometrika 84 505-522.

4. Gasbarra D. & Karia S. (2000) 'Analysis of competing risks by using Bayesian smoothing'
Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 27 605-617.

5. Kulathinal S. B. , Kuulasmaa K., & Gasbarra D. ,(2002) 'Estimation of association between trends in event rates and trends in risk factors in the presence of measurement errors using EM-algorithm'
Statistics in Medicine 21 8 1089-1101 .

6. Kulathinal S. & Gasbarra D. (2002)'Testing equality of cause-specific hazard rates corresponding to m competing risks among K groups' . Lifetime Data Analysis 8 2, 147-161. Errata

7. Eerola, M., Gasbarra, D., Mäkelä, P.H., Linden, H, Andreev, A. (2003):'Joint modelling of recurrent infections and antibody response by Bayesian data augmentation' Scandinavian Journal of Statistics 30 4 677-698.

8. Gasbarra D., Mikko J. Sillanpää & Elja Arjas (2005). Backward simulation of ancestors of sampled individuals
Theoretical Population Biology 67 75-83.

9. Gasbarra D. Kulathinal S.B., Dewan I and Nissinen A. (2006) Testing dependence between the failure time and failure modes: An application of enlarged filtration Journal of statistical planning and inference136 1669-1686.

10. Gasbarra D. & Sillanpää M. (2006)Constructing parental linkage phase and genetic map over distances <1 cM using Pooled Haploid DNA Genetics 172 2 1325-1335.

11. Pirinen M. & Gasbarra D. (2006) Finding Consistent Gene Transmission Patterns on Large and Complex Pedigrees IEEE Transactions in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 3 3 252-261.

12. Gasbarra D., Pirinen M., Sillanpää M., Salmela E. & Elja Arjas (2007). Estimating genealogies from unlinked marker data: a Bayesian approach
Theoretical Population Biology 72 305-322.

13. Gasbarra D., Pirinen M., Sillanpää M. & Elja Arjas (2007).Estimating genealogies from linked marker data: a Bayesian approach
BMC Bioinformatics 8:411.

14 Karvanen J., Kulathinal S., Gasbarra D. (2009) Optimal designs to select individuals for genotyping conditional on observed binary or survival outcomes and non-genetic covariates Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 53 1782-1793.

15 Kulathinal S., Gasbarra D., Kinra S., Ebrahim S. & Sillanpää M.J. (2008).Estimation of additive genetic and environmental sources of quantitative trait variation using data on married couples and their siblings Genetics Research 90 269-279.

16 Pirinen, M., Kulathinal, S., Gasbarra, D. & Sillanpää M. (2008). Estimating population haplotype frequencies from pooled DNA samples using PHASE algorithm Genetic Research 90 6 :525-40.

17 Gasbarra D, Pirinen M, Sillanpää, MJ & Arjas E. (2009)Bayesian quantitative trait locus mapping based on reconstruction of recent genetic histories Genetics 183 709-721.

18. Gasbarra D. Esko Valkeila & Lioudmila Vostrikova (2006).Enlargement of filtration and additional information in pricing models: A Bayesian approach. In The Shiryaev Festschrift, from Stochastic Calculus to Mathematical Finance, edited by Kabanov Liptser and Stoyanov, pp 257-285, Springer Berlin.

19. Gasbarra D. Tommi Sottinen & Esko Valkeila (2007).Gaussian bridges In Stochastic Analysis and Applications, Proceedings of the Abel symposium 2005 in honour of Kiyosi Ito pp 361-381, Springer.

20. Gasbarra, D., Kulathinal, S., Pirinen, M. \& Sillanpää, M. (2011).
Estimating haplotype frequencies by combining data from large DNA pools with database information. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics 8 (1):36-44.

21. Gasbarra D. Morlanes I. Valkeila E. (2011).Initial enlargement in a Markov chain market model Stochastics and Dynamics, 11 (2) 1-25.

22 Gasbarra D. Sottinen T.  van Zanten H. (2011).Conditional full support of Gaussian processes with stationary increments Journal of Applied Probability 48 (2) 561-568.

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