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  • Mikko Stenlund Abstract Stochastic Sauna Seminar 18.12.2014
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Ergodicity of a non-uniformly hyperbolic dynamical system

by Mikko Stenlund (Helsinki)

Abstract: Uniformly hyperbolic dynamical systems tend to possess

strong statistical properties extending far beyond ergodicity. These

include mixing at an exponential rate, which more or less

automatically yields central limit type theorems. Non-uniformly

hyperbolic systems are harder to analyze, and there exist few

dynamical systems in general for which the mixing rate is known to be

polynomial. I will introduce a new non-uniformly hyperbolic model

which is polynomially mixing. Since the work is ongoing, the talk will

focus on the ergodicity of the system. This is a joint project with

Lai-Sang Young.


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