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Noon-to-Noon Sauna Seminar of the FDPSS, December 12-13 2013, confirmed talks

Ehsan Azmoodeh (Luxembourg): TBA

Lasse Holmström (Oulu):   In Memoriam: Petri Koistinen.

Maiju Kujala (TY): Differential network analysis with multiply imputed LURIC lipidomic data. Abstract

Brita Jung (Åbo): The time until extinction of the Northern Spotted Owl: Simulations and approximations.

Mikko Kuronen (JY): The giant component in the binomial random intersection digraph Abstract

Kalle Kytölä (HY): TBA

Ilkka Launonen (Oulu): A scale space multiresolution method for extraction of time series features

Jaakko Lehtomaa (HY): A comparison method for heavy-tailed random variables Abstract

Zitong Li (HY): A Bayesian longitudinal model  for analyzing quantitative genetic data

Pekka Matomäki (Turku):Optimal stopping and control near boundaries Abstract  

Henrik Nyman (ÅA): Stratified Gaussian Graphical Models Abstract 

Harri Nyrhinen (HY): On large deviations of multivariate heavy-tailed random walks.

Alexander Steinicke (Jyväskylä):Malliavin differentiation of a Levy driven BDSE with a path dependent generator functional Abstract

Mikko Stenlund (HY): Title: An adiabatic dynamical system as a stochastic process Abstract

Lauri Viitasaari (Aalto): Integral Representation of Random Variables with Respect to Gaussian Processes. Abstract



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