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The Colloquium of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics

The last colloquium in 2017 of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will be held next Wednesday, December 20, at 4:15pm in Auditorium CK112 of Exactum.

The speaker is

Stefan Teufel (University of Tübingen)

Geometry of periodic quantum systems

Abstract: Hamiltonian operators describing periodic quantum systems subject to constant magnetic fields give rise to interesting spectral and geometric structures.  For the simplest possible model the fractal nature of the spectrum is nicely depicted in the famous Hofstadter butterfly and analyzed in the work of the recent Fields medalist A. Avila.  In my talk I describe recent results concerning perturbations of such systems for which an underlying geometric structure given by certain complex vector bundles over the torus becomes relevant.

As usual, pizza and refreshments will be served after the talk.

Welcome!  ... and please remember that the head of department is counting on your presence to support the series.


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