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General information about facilities


Your office is supplied with a desk, a chair, shelves, a telephone, and in most cases also a computer with internet access. Offices are for 1-9 persons and they are located in the Exactum building.


Your office key can be picked up from the information desk in the first floor when you arrive. If you have any problem with the key, contact Hannu Honkasalo.

House rules

  1. Keep your door locked when you are away from the office.
  2. Pets are not allowed in the rooms.
  3. Turn off your office lights if you are away from the office.
  4. Office hours for administrative personnel are 8.00-15.45.
  5. Smoking is not allowed inside the building. Smoking inside of the building is forbidden. For smoking you have to go outside, standing at least 5 meters from the front doors to prevent the smoke from getting inside the building.
  6. Remember to recycle!
  7. You are responsible for your own keys. Keep them always with you. If you lose your keys, contact immediately Hannu Honkasalo or the information desk on the first floor.

  8. You are responsible for your visitor's actions if you bring visitors to the building outside the opening hours.
  9. Working in comfortable circumstances is pleasant to everybody!

Copying, printers and using the phones

Copying & printing

Copying machines and printers are located in the rooms B413, C326 and C334, D315. Copying and printing work with copying cards which you will get from the department office, room C329.

If you have any problems, please contact Helpdesk tel. +358 2941 55555, e-mail

Using the phones

In order to make phone calls inside the university you need to use only the last 5 digits of the phone numbers. This is the so-called short access.

Office supplies

Supplies such as pens, notebooks, folders etc. are available at the office supply room C234 on the 2nd floor. Your office key works for the door. If something is missing, contact the department office, room C329.

Visitor and personnel cards

You can get a personnel or visitor card with Satu-Maija Meldo´s assistance. 

With both the visitor and the personnel cards you receive discounts, e.g. from lunch in Unicafe restaurants. The personnel card takes 1-3 weeks to process. The visitor card is possible to obtain immediately and it is meant for short term visitors.

Post and posting services

Mail room

The mail room is located in the room C334, where there is also a copying machine, and mail pigeonholes. Note that your mail slot is below your name.

Mailing information

All mail needs an exact address of the receiver and an exact address of the sender. For local mail (inside the University) please remember to remove all the old mailing information from envelopes.

Outgoing mailboxes are in the mail room C334 behind the door. Note that there are two separate boxes, one for outside university (external) and the other for inside university mails (internal).

Mail deliveries at the University of Helsinki are handled by the University mail centre: mail vehicles collect mail (both internal and external) and deliver outbound mail to Itella. Internal mail is sorted in the vehicles and delivered to post boxes according to set schedules.

Instructions for sending mail (in Flamma)



There are kitchens in the third (D-wing) and fourth floors (between A- and B-wings).

For coffee and tea we have self-service machines in the kitchens, which can be used to make coffee and tea at any time. Remember to turn off the coffee machine and the water warmer and wash your own dishes. And remember to recycle!

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