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Mathematics and Statistics general examination schedule

Courses of Mathematics and Statistics can be passed through a general examination. A general examination is a test that lasts for 3 hours and 30 minutes (unless stated otherwise) and happens on certain days of the year (see the schedule below). You need to register for this exam separately, the registration ends ten days before the exam date.

Reasons to participate in the general examination:

  1. Failed course exam (in this case you should remember that your exercise points will not be counted when grading your work)
  2. You want to raise your grade
  3. The course was not offered this semester, but you still would like to pass it
  4. Two or more course exams overlap
  5. Was absent from the course exam


  • Read the general exam instructions here (flamma).

  • Registration for the examination is done through WebOodi no later than the announced registration date.

  • Remember to notify us when signing up for the exam if you want your exam questions in English.

  • You can take two courses during one examination. If you have a strong reason, you can take more than two courses at one exam by discussing your situation with the Academic Affairs Office (C329).
  • If a course is not listed on this page, you can still negotiate this opportunity with the teacher personally and once all the preparations are done, submit the date, subject and the teacher's name no later than 10 days before the exam to the Academic Affairs Office (C329 /

  • General examinations are arranged at Exactum A111 and B123 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2b) AND/OR at Physicum D101 (Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2a) / at Chemicum A110 and A129 (A.I.Virtasen aukio 1). The detailed information about the place can be found on the exam day from the note on the door of the auditorium.

General exam schedule
20.9. 16-20
1.11. 16-20
13.12. 16-20
10.1. 10-14
7.2. 16-20
14.3. 16-20
11.4. 16-20
23.5. 10-14
13.6. 10-14
8.8. 10-14

General exams 2017-2018 (NOTE! every exam day on it's own page)

Note that you always need to register for the exam through WebOodi!



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