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Helsinki Analysis Seminar 2014-2015

Martio and Vuorinen

Contact information: vuorinen 'at' utu 'dot' fi

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Note: Seminar meets on Mondays 10.15-10.55 and 11.10-12.00

Schedule of the fall term 2014

Mon 8.9. Tanran Zhang (Tohoku University, Japan): Uniformisation and description of a once punctured annulus TZhangAbstract20140908.pdf

Mon 15.9    Tanran Zhang  (Tohoku University, Japan): Approximation of the hyperbolic distance on the $n$ times punctured Riemann sphere TZhangAbstract20140915.pdf

Mon 22.9.   Shaolin Chen (Aalto University and China): Distortion and covering theorems  of pluriharmonic mappings ChenShaolinAbstract20140922.pdf  ChenShaolin20140922.pdf

Mon 29.9.   Shaolin Chen (Aalto University and China): Schwarz-Pick type theorems on pluriharmonic mappings and their applications ChenShaolinAbstract20140929.pdf   ChenShaolin20140929.pdf

Mon 6.10    Olli Martio: Curves and functions of bounded variation I

Mon 13.10 Olli Martio: Curves and functions of bounded variation II

Mon 27.10  Parisa Hariri (University of Turku): Inequalities and bilipschitz conditions for triangular ratio metric haririabstract20141006.pdf   slidehvz20141026.pdf

Mon 3.11 Cancelled (speaker is ill)

Mon 10.11 Istvan Prause: On Mori's problem in quasiconformal mappings sankariabstract031114.pdf
Mon 24.11    Shaolin Chen (University of Turku  and China): Some properties of a class of elliptic partial differential operators Shaolin-Lec.-Helsinki-24-11-2014.pdf

Schedule of the spring term 2015

Mon 19.1. Antti Rasila (Aalto): Investigations in free quasiconformality: historal background and recent results 

Mon 26.1. Olekseyi Dovgoshey (Kiev, Ukraine): Minimal Universal Metric Spaces

Mon 2.2. Olekseyi Dovgoshey (Kiev, Ukraine): Minimal Universal Metric Spaces

Mon 9.2. Vesa Ala-Mattila: Nayatani's metric tensors and conformal measures    Slides

Mon 16.2. No seminar

Mon 23.2. Mika Koskenoja: Reflection principle for viscosity solutions of the homogeneous real Monge-Ampère equation 

Mon 9.3. Parisa Hariri: "Comparison results and geometric properties for visual angle metrics"  haririabstract20150305b.pdf


Mon 16.3. Ilgiz Kayumov: Integral means, asymptotic variance, the law of the iterated logaritm. kayumov20150316.txt Kayumov20150316.pdf

Mon 23.3 No seminar

Mon 30.3. No seminar

Mon 6.4 Easter Monday, University closed

Mon 13.4 Juhani Riihentaus: Exceptional sets for subharmonic, plurisubharmonic and convex functions RiihentausAbstract.pdf

Mon 20.4. Niko Marola: Three-spheres theorem for elliptic PDE marola20150420.txt

Mon 27. 4. Matti Vuorinen: Some remarks on hyperbolic type metrics and quasiconformal maps  vuorinenabstract20150427.pdf

Mon  4.5. Antti Vähäkangas, University of Jyväskylä: Beyond local maximal operators vahakangas20150504abstract_HY.pdf

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