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Kay Schwieger



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Research Interests

  • Ergodic theory of quantum Markov processes
  • Quantum control theory and optimal transport
  • Non-commutative geometry
  • Entanglement and quantum information theory
  • Coupled dynamical systems


  1. Fluctuation Relation for Qubit-Calorimetry, with A. Kupiainen, P. Muratore-Ginanneschi, and J. Pekola,
    to be published in Physical Review E, arXiv:1606.02984,
  2. Free Actions of Compact Groups on C*-Algebras, Part II, with St. Wagner,
    to be published in Journal of Noncommutative Geometry, arXiv:1508.07904
  3. Free Actions of Compact Groups on C*-Algebras, Part I, with St. Wagner,
  4. Efficient protocols for Stirling heat engines at the micro-scale, with P. Muratore-Ginanneschi,
    Europhysics Letters 112(2), 2015, arXiv:1503.05788,
  5. How nanomechanical systems can minimize dissipation with P. Muratore-Ginanneschi,
    Physical Reviews E 90, 060102(R), 2014, arXiv:1408.5298, supplemental_material
  6. Diagonal Couplings of Quantum Markov Chains, with B. Kümmerer,
    Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics 19(2), 2016, arXiv:1402.2448
  7. Ergodic Properties of Quantum Birth and Death Chains, with D. Bücher, A. Gärtner, B. Kümmerer, W. Reußwig, and N. Nissouno,
  8. A Coupling Method for Quantum Markov Processes,
    Ph.D. thesis , Dr. Hut Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8439-0517-6, 2012
  9. Strukturgattungen und ihre verallgemeinerten Brownschen Bewegungen,
    diploma thesis , 2006


Conferences and Workshops Visits

201617th Workshop: Non-Commutative Probability, Lévy Processes and Operator Algebras, With Applications, Będlewo (Poland)
Statistical Mechanics of Quantum Dynamics, Mariehamn (Finland)
2015Arctic School on Open Quantum Systems, Kilpisjärvi, Finland
Saint Petersburg – Helsinki Math Colloquium, St. Petersburg
Infinite-dimensional Structures in Higher Geometry and Representation Theory, Hamburg
2014Noncommutative Geometry and Optimal Transport, Besançon
ICM Satellite Conference on Operator Algebras and Applications, Cheongpung (South Korea)
Mathematics Meets Physics, Helsinki
Quantum Groups and Operator Algebras, Münstery
2013Mathematical Horizons for Quantum Physics 2: Quantum Information Theory, Singapore
201233th Conference on Quantum Probability and Related Topics, Luminy
Quantum Probabilistic Symmetries, Aberystwyth
New Directions in Quantum Statistics, Nottingham
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