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Kalle Kytölä




Scientific Activities:

My research interests deal with statistical physics, probability theory, conformal field theory and representations of infinite dimensional Lie algebras. In particular my goal is to understand better how conformal field theory can be applied to Schramm-Loewner evolutions (SLE) and related random conformally invariant geometric objects.


Current courses:

Past courses:

Publications, preprints and other things:

  1. K.Kytölä and E.Peltola: Conformally covariant boundary correlation functions with a quantum group. (2014) Preprint: [arXiv:1408.1384].
  2. N.Jokela, M.Järvinen and K.Kytölä: SLE boundary visits. (2013) Preprint: [arXiv:1311.2297].
  3. K.Kytölä: Ising transfer matrix, discrete holomorphicity and fermions. (2013) Submitted to the proceedings of The third conference of Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum.
  4. C.Hongler, F.Johansson-Viklund and K.Kytölä: Lattice Representations of the Virasoro Algebra I: Discrete Gaussian Free Field. (2013) Preprint: [arxiv:1307.4104].
  5. C.Hongler, K.Kytölä and A.Zahabi: Discrete holomorphicity and Ising model operator formalism. Accepted for publication in Analysis, Complex Geometry, and Mathematical Physics: A Conference in Honor of Duong H. Phong (2013). Preprint version: [arxiv:1211.7299].
  6. K.Izyurov and K.Kytölä: Hadamard's formula and couplings of SLEs with free field . (2013) Probability Theory and Related Fields Vol. 155, No. 1-2, 35-69. Preprint version: [arxiv:1006.1853].
  7. C.Hongler and K.Kytölä: Ising Interfaces and Free Boundary Conditions . (2013) Journal of the American Mathematical Society Vol. 26, 1107-1189. Preprint version: [arxiv:1108.0643].
  8. K.Kytölä and D.Ridout: On staggered indecomposable Virasoro modules. (2009) Journal of Mathematical Physics, Vol. 50, 123503. Preprint version: [arXiv:0905.0108].
  9. K.Kytölä: SLE local martingales in logarithmic representations . (2009) Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment P08005. Preprint version: [arXiv:0804.2612].
  10. M.Bauer, D.Bernard and K.Kytölä: LERW as an example of off-critical SLEs . (2007) Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 132, No. 4, 721-754.. The original publication is available at Preprint version: [arXiv:0712.1952].
  11. K.Kytölä: Conformal Field Theory Methods for Variants of Schramm-Loewner Evolutions . Yliopistopaino, Helsinki 2006. PhD thesis: Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Helsinki.
  12. K.Kytölä and A.Kemppainen: SLE Local Martingales, Reversibility and Duality . (2006) Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General Vol. 39 No. 46 L657-L666. (c) copyright 2006 IOP Publishing Ltd. Preprint version: [arXiv:math-ph/0605058].
  13. K.Kytölä: Virasoro Module Structure of Local Martingales of SLE Variants . (2006) Reviews in Mathematical Physics, Vol. 19, No. 5, 455-509 Preprint version: [arXiv:math-ph/0604047]
  14. K.Kytölä: On conformal field theory of SLE(kappa; rho) . (2006) Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 123, No. 6, 1169-1181. The original publication is available at Preprint version: [arXiv:math-ph/0504057].
  15. M.Bauer, D.Bernard and K.Kytölä: Multiple Schramm-Loewner Evolutions and Statistical Mechanics Martingales . (2005) Journal of Statistical Physics, Vol. 120, Nos. 5/6, 1125-1163. The original publication is available at Preprint version: [arXiv:math-ph/0503024].
  16. K.Kytölä: On models of two-dimensional statistical physics and the Coulomb gas. Masters thesis (2004), Department of Mathematics at University of Helsinki.
  17. Matti Järvinen and Kalle Kytölä: On Löwner's half plane equation: linear driving function. (2002)
  18. K.P.J.Kytölä, E.T.Seppälä and M.J.Alava: Elastic manifolds in disordered environments: energy statistics . (2003) Europhysics Letters 62, 35-41. Preprint version: [arXiv:cond-mat/0301604].


Upcoming events:

Past events:


Mathematics Meets Physics

(June 2014)

Conformal Invariance,

Discrete Holomorphicity

and Integrability

(June 2012)

Minicourses on

Random Geometry

(June 2013)



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