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Konstantin Izyurov

I am an assistant professor at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. I did my Ph. D. at the University of Geneva and then worked at Chebyshev Laboratory at St. Petersburg State University.

I am doing research on critical behavior in two-dimensional statistical physics.

Contact information:; room D314 of Exactum building. Office hours: Wednesday 13-14 or by appointment.

Discrete complex analysis course (spring 2015)

Saint Petersburg — Helsinki math colloquium


  • A uniquness theorem for M. Rietz potentials [journal] [arXiv].

  • Hadamard's formula and couplings of SLEs with free field, with K. Kytölä  [journal] [arXiv].

  • A proof of factorization formula for critical percolation, with D. Beliaev    [journal] [arXiv].

  • On SLE martingales in boundary WZW models, with A. Alekseev and A. Bytsko [journal] [arXiv].
  • Holomorphic spinor observables in the critical Ising model, with D. Chelkak [journal] [arXiv].

  • Conformal invariance of spin correlations in the planar Ising model, with D. Chelkak and C. Hongler [journal] [arXiv]. 
  • Critical Ising interfaces in multiply-connected domains, [arXiv]
  • Smirnov's observable for free boundary conditions, interfaces and crossing probabilities [journal] [arXiv]

Lecture notes

Discrete complex analysis

Probability theory

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