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Here you can read and share hints and good practices of distance teaching and remote examinations.

To add a new hint: sign in, select "Edit" from the top of the page, write your hint or good practice and "Update" from the bottom. You can also add comments to the comment field.

Other websites/pages with tips:


During the lectures, use channels  where students can easily ask questions, comment or discuss, such as Zoom chat or Presemo.

Discuss with students what is a proper way to behave in small group discussions. You can encourage students to have their video on for instance with a virtual background, if possible. If students produce some ideas, solutions etc. during the discussion, Flinga, Presemo, OneDrive or some other platform can be used to record the discussion.

Course structure

Projects and seminars


Exams and assessment

Remote exam in Moodle can be, for example

  • an essay exam/writing task
  • a multiple choice exam that Moodle evaluates automatically
  • an exam with different types of questions
  • a traditional pen and paper exam that is submitted in a file via Moodle


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