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Location Service

The Location Service is software as a service (SaaS) wayfinding application developed and maintained by The National Library of Finland, which is targeted for all libraries. The Location Service wiki is a support and guidance site for Location Service users.

See the Location Service in action at: Alli (Aalto University Library collection catalogue), Helka (Helsinki University Library collection catalogue), JYKDOK (Jyväskylä University Library catalogue), Wilma (Lappeenranta Academic Library catalogue).


Location Service is a web-based service that the National Library of Finland offers to libraries. It uses a library map to display the location of publications found through the search interface.

Location Service offers a separate interface, which allows the information stored in the service to be used in other online services or information systems. Information searches are based on the HTTP protocol, and the results are returned in XML format.

Deployment of Location Service consists of two stages: entering the required information in the service and adding the link to the service in the library system’s collection catalogue.



Measures related to the maintenance of Location Service.



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