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If you are more familiar with PBS, Torque and alike, you may find following job control wrappers welcomed. 

To submit a batch job (–help provides additional options):

qsub [OPTIONS] [batch script]

To query the queuing system statistics (–help provides additional options):


Change the queued job parameters without removing the job from the queue:

qalter [-N Name] [-r y|n] [-o output file] <jobID>

Setting job into a held state:

qhold [-h u|o|s|n] <jobID>

Release job held with qhold:

qrls [-h u|o|s|a|n] <jobID>

Rerun queued job - eg. place job from running state back to queue:

qrerun [-? | --help] [--man] [--verbose] <jobID>

Delete queued job:

qdel <jobID>