Cubbli prints by default to Helsinki University smartcard printers. Use the print queue smartcard-ps. More info about smartcard printing is available from helpdesk:

For printing to work on Cubbli laptops:

  • The printing laptop needs to be connected to the University network. Wired connection, Eduroam and University VPN will all work.
  • You need to have a valid Kerberos ticket. This will be obtained automatically, only if your laptop password is the same as your AD password. 
  • If you are using a Freshman (fuxi) laptop, you won't get the Kerberos ticket automatically, but need to use command line command kinit.

You can validate that you have a working connection and a valid Kerberos ticket with command krenew:

jjaakkol@lx1-fuxigen2:~$ krenew && echo "Ticket is OK"
Ticket is OK

If you have printing problems updating or removing printers or printer drivers isn't helpful on a Linux host.

Adding University personal printers

Select "HY Install Printers" from the University menu. Then search for your printer from the list and click "Add printer".

Other printers

USB connected printers and printers broadcasting in the local network (WiFi or wired) are likely to work by default. You can use command lpadmin to printers manually.