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Local Microsoft Teams application is installed by default in Cubbli installations. You can start it from keyboard by writing [Windows key] teams. It is also one of the easiest ways to access your Office 365 calendar and get calendar notifications. 

Sadly, the local Teams application frequently has problems. Mostly there isn't much that Cubbli team can do and the problems should probably by reported directly to MS. Since the Teams application is mostly a wrapper to the Office365 Teams web application you can circumvent these problems by using the Teams web application. Google Chrome is the browser which is most likely to work with Teams (including meetings) and Firefox the least likely. 

If you have any problems the first thing to try is to kill Teams client and reset its settings to default. Cubbli Linuxes have a /usr/bin/reset-teams script for this:

jjaakkol@melkinkari:~$ reset-teams
This script will terminate your MS Teams client, clear its cache
and reset its settings. This might fix Teams problems.

Continue to do this now y/n? y
Teams has been reset.

Reporting problems

You can check the MS Teams forum at

Or click from Teams application in the lower left cornel from help button: "Report a problem", "Give feedback", "Ask community."

Known problems

Last updated 2021-10-01.

  • Access to cameras and microphones sometimes works badly. Teams will report that "Your Microphone is not working", when it is working perfectly for all other applications. This seems to happen more often if you have more than one microphone and camera devices. Easiest way around this is to use the Teams web application.
  • Web links to Teams discussions don't open in the application currently. This is a reported bug and MS is working on a fix.
  • If the Teams client starts to run slowly, try to reset its settings with reset-teams script. 
  • If Edit in Teams feature for files is not working switch to web version. 
  • Screen sharing will work only partially: you might not be able to share sigle windows and lettings others control your screen does not work. 
  • Threads showing maybe as little as two replies.
  • Messages not shown as read even though they have been read.
  • Own reply not showing up until moving to another thread and coming back.
  • Some threads showing up only in the "Activity" bar.
  • In a channel maybe as little as 4 or 5 threads show up.