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Freesurfer 6.0 is available by default in VDI Cubbli installations and If you need it on local installation, you can install it with sudo apt install cubbli-freesurfer. For documentation see Freesurfer home page

Before you use Freesurfer you need to set up its environment with script:

jjaakkol@vdi-cubic-005:~$ . /opt/freesurfer/ 
Using Cubbli default FREESURFER_HOME=/opt/freesurfer
-------- freesurfer-Linux-centos6_x86_64-stable-pub-v6.0.0-2beb96c --------
Setting up environment for FreeSurfer/FS-FAST (and FSL)
FREESURFER_HOME /opt/freesurfer
FSFAST_HOME /opt/freesurfer/fsfast
SUBJECTS_DIR /opt/freesurfer/subjects
MNI_DIR /opt/freesurfer/mni

If the directory /opt/freesurfer/ is missing Freesurfer isn't installed in that host. Install it with apt (see above) or ask helpdesk for help.